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We are Bewell,

incubator of young talent!

Our Offers



Our missions cover three main areas:

  • Corporate and Investment Banking
  • Commercial and Retail Banking, and Specialized Services
  • Investor Services: Asset Management, Private Banking, etc.

If you wish to apply for a position, we ask that you send a cover letter accompanied by your curriculum vitae.




“Bewell Consulting is a wonderful opportunity to join a growing firm and to develop myself with the guidance of senior managers from the banking industry or major consulting firms. I see Bewell as a bridge allowing me to cross over to Harwell Management tomorrow and thus train myself for a career in consulting that is new to me. We are well supported by associates, managers and business managers who listen to our wishes and propose us highly formative, quality missions. From the moment I arrived, I joined a team of two Harwell managers for a mission in a major financial institution. This couldn’t have been a better beginning…”.

ARNAUD I Bewell Consultant I Master’s degree specializing in Financial Techniques, ESSEC


“To join Bewell Consulting is to become part of a young, dynamic firm in full expansion. A close link with Harwell Management allows us to work alongside senior (consultants) who each possess recognized experience in a particular area and are familiar with the financial world and its needs. This entails a multitude of missions on diverse subjects in financial institutions in the Paris market—a great opportunity for young graduates who want to become part of the world of finance.”

BASTIEN I Bewell Consultant I Master’s degree in Financial Techniques, ESSEC


“Bewell Consulting is a consulting firm that welcomes and develops young talent. This made a difference to me when it came to choosing a firm: being supported by Harwell Management collaborators, professionals recognized for their experience in the banking sector. And I have no regrets! Besides their expertise, the business managers are always available to their young charges –bringing them advice, coaching and an attentive ear! From the moment I arrived, I received a complete package of internal training courses. This allowed me to quickly find a mission that met my expectations…”

NATALIA I Bewell Consultant I Master’s degree in IT & Mathematical Management and Finance, University Paris Dauphine